Development Advisory

Operating as development managers we provide clients with wide-ranging services from concept to operational handover with the added value of ensuring best use of land, design efficiency and value engineering. Our hands-on approach, when combined with our expertise in managing consultants, architects and designers, means we deliver a prime return on investment in the best interest of our clients.
Our effective approach to the communication process of a project is professional yet simple and transparent and we act as client representatives throughout the process. Project delivery includes advising on the appointment and management of the finest consultants whilst ensuring the design remains aligned with the client’s vision and within the project scope, enabling clients to keep their eyes on the big picture, whilst ensuring the details are being taken care of by experienced professionals.
The scope of work on a project would include the following:
Hotel facilities design 
Review and preparation of a hotel space program brief, including public areas, back of the house, accommodation, restaurants including the related services, along with any other facilities. This brief will be presented to the main consultant to help in designing a cost efficient property.  
Review of layout 
Review of the drawings produced as a result of the brief made to the consultant, along with follow up on design development and approval of the final layout.  
Determination and configuration of F&B facilities 
A market study along with recommendation of the best fit food and beverage outlets to suit your particular property and the current market needs.  
Co-ordination interior designers 
Briefing of the appointed interior designer on the most appropriate style and mood that would suit best the public areas and rooms, along with the required furniture and fixtures in all areas, including follow-up and approval of design drawings.  
Systems and equipment 
Evaluation and supply of design, systems and equipment briefs and quotations of the following requirements to third party consultants appointed by the owner:  
  • Kitchen and laundry
  • Computer system
  • Signage
  • Telephone system 
  • Operating equipment 
  • Office equipment and furniture 
  • Recreation and spa
  • Operating systems
  • Security equipment such as CCTV & door locking systems & software