Our asset management team delivers a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize profitability and minimize risk. At the forefront of industry trends, and using our understanding and knowledge of current and future value drivers, we ensure you maintain appreciation and profitability on your asset.
Clients often call on us for our highly qualified evaluation and analysis of their business. Whether it is to assess a single aspect such as the review of sales and marketing team or an entire operation, Teal Hospitality has the experience to fully evaluate the situation and report the findings and recommendations for adjustments to improve profitability and continued success. 
Services include revenue and expense benchmarking, competitive positioning, management, staffing reviews, internal control assessments, pricing strategies, marketing plans, guest satisfaction, operating costs and financial results.
Operational Evaluations include the review and analysis of following:
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Cash flow situation
  • City ledger situation
  • Balance sheet
Administrative and general
  • Payroll
  • Expenses
  • Corporate office cross charge (if property managed by a chain)
POMEC and utilities
  • Expenses
  • Utilities consumptions and energy saving practices.
Rooms and food & beverage departments
  • An in-depth review of departmental performances that would include payroll and line by line expenses, along with recommendations for a better performance