Teal Hospitality has the expertise and experience to advise clients on any hospitality venture, from the design, build and delivery of a hotel, to the introduction of new restaurant brands to the Middle East region. Our know-how is as diverse as the hospitality projects we manage.
As experts in the hospitality industry, we know what it takes to deliver a successful business. We take care of every step; from the review of feasibility studies along with recommendations to the review of space planning to refine the buildings efficiency and operational effectiveness. Our aim is to ultimately enhance overall facilities and indeed returns which will be aligned with the owner’s investment goals, maximizing the asset value and integrating each project with the current and expected future market needs and trends.
We take a pragmatic approach to every situation and make the necessary recommendation that would ultimately fit the owner’s budget, local legislation and classification requirements and most importantly the client needs and expectations to secure a long term successful investment.
Teal Hospitality’s involvement is ideally at the planning stage of a property. However and in several cases, our contribution came in at a much later stage bringing much needed enhancements.
We communicate openly, regularly and candidly with all parties involved.